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Firm Announcements and Updates

P3llc has been involved with the Pitney Farm for 10 years, first working with Mendham Township, and now with the Friends of Pitney Farm.

The structures the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office determined were contributing to the eligible historic district include:

  • The Main House, built before 1775, with additions in 1826, 1925, 1935 and 1960s
  • The Farmer’s Cottage, c. 1840-1860
  • The Chauffeur’s or Boy’s Cottage, c. 1930
  • Cottage, c. 1910
  • The Main Barn and Cow yard, rebuilt in 1910 over an earlier foundation after a 1907 fire
  • Garage
  • Ice House
  • Corn crib, a rare surviving example of a once common farm building
  • The display gardens: fountain, brick walled garden, St. Francis garden, gazebo, tennis courts
  • The working gardens: greenhouse (1924), potting shed, orchard, flower garden
  • The 250 year old Maple allée